sound script logo - topOur first run of Footstep Scripts are now online with extended sound previews!

These scripts play different styles of footstep sounds when your Avatar walks.  You can add the script to your own modifiable prim shoes, boots, feet, or customized attachment.  Volume can be changed by touching the prim and using the pop-up Menu.


Footstep scripts are available as:

  • Single Item (Add footstep sounds to your Avatar or give as a gift.  Single items are returnable.)
  • Copyable (Add footstep sounds to your entire wardrobe)
  • Copy and Transfer (Merchants can add footstep sounds to their own product line)


There are currently three Footstep style categories: Women, Men, and Unisex.




If you do not hear the type of footstep sound you need, please let us know!