This portion of the project took a bit longer than anticipated but we’re finally here!

  • Over 50 Random sound emitters are now listed within the product catalog and include sound previews.
  • New Randomizer Prices – Our listings have been restructured, resulting in a 45% to 75% reduction in the Pre-Loaded Randomizer prices.
  • Build Your Own Randomizers – All of our Randomizer editions are now listed on the SL Marketplace as stand alone DIY kits to build your own sound emitters.  The scripted Randomizer products are available as single items, a five pack (buy four, get one free), and a Copyable edition.


The Randomizers

There are THREE slide05different Randomizer types.  Products in the catalog pages are named according to their randomizer type.

  • Super – The most feature rich and customizable random emitter system! Roaming Sounds, advanced Day/Night playback, 3D Sound Cut-Offs, and more!  View full features presentation.
  • Day/Night – One set of sounds play during the day and a second set plays only at night.
  • Basic – A standard random sound system that plays all sounds during both the day and night.


Randomizers that are pre-loaded with sound clips also include an extended sound preview.  As always, the loaded sound clips are ‘Modify/Copy’ and can be used in any Randomizer that you own.

Sound previews are approximately one and a half minutes in length so you can better gage if the audio is a good fit for your project.

Below is an example of one of the Costa Rica Bird Sets that contains 40 sounds.


SoundScenes - Super Randomizer - Costa Rica - Birds Set 8


The following pre-loaded Randomizer category pages are now available:


Need more individual sound clips for your Randomizer?  Visit our in-world location in Skybeam.

Contact us if you have any questions about the Randomizers or if you would like to request new sounds that are currently available!