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AtmoSpheres are scripted sound emitters that play a long loop of audible background ambiance. The soundtrack length can be several minutes long and is specified in each object name title.



  • Menu Controls – Easy to use pop-up menu system.
  • Playback Style – Set sounds to play: Day Only, Night Only, or Both.
  • 3D Sound – Set sounds to only be audible within specific areas or elevations.
  • Range – Extend the maximum audible distance.
  • Volume – Raise or lower the volume at any time.satisfaction-guaranteed
  • Access – Allow group members to change sound controls.
  • Appearance – Change appearance from visible to hidden.
  • In-Prim Setup – Save prims by moving our scripts and sounds into your own objects.
  • Upgradable – Free future code enhancements.
  • Quality audio encoding for loud and clear playback.
  • Professional coding for lag free performance.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! See our FAQ page for details.



  • AtmoSpheres are individual items (transfer only) unless specifically noted in the product description.  The prim object is modifiable.
  • SoundScaper Editions (copy) and Builder Editions (copy and transfer) are available on request.



  1. Rez the AtmoSphere on your land or build. The audio will begin to play seamlessly in a few moments.
  2. The AtmoSphere will also detect if the land parcel has “Restrict Spatialized Sound” turned on.  This is a land parcel setting that prevents sounds from entering or leaving the land parcel.
  3. Touch the Orb to access the feature controls.


Sound Tip – Place AtmoSpheres in locations where people will be exploring. For example; behind a plant next to a walkway.  Under a bridge to simulate the soft sound of a creek below.  Use multiple Atmospheres to mix and match different soundtracks together for a truly unique and immersive soundscape.


Menu Controls

Click or touch the AtmoSphere to bring up the Main Menu.


Main Menu

atmo-v22-mainmenuAll AtmoSphere features are controlled through the pop-up menu.







The Playback feature controls how the soundtrack is played and is synchronized with the SL Day and Night cycles.

Select your desired playback style.


  • Day Only – Soundtrack only plays during the SL day.
  • Night Only – Soundtrack only plays during the SL night.
  • Both – Soundtrack plays constantly during day and night cycles.  (default)
  • Back – Return to the Main Menu

Sound Tip – AtmoSpheres are synchronized to the region Day/Night cycles.  Changing your SL viewer environment from Midday to Midnight will not change the playback style.


3D Cut-Off


This feature allows the owner to restrict the Atmosphere soundtrack to a defined 3D area.  Avatars standing outside the defined area will not hear the soundtrack.   The sound cut-off can be set from 1 to 20 meters in any of the six directions: North, South, East, West, Top (up), and Bottom (down)  One, multiple, or all cut-off directions can be activated and set to different distances.

  • Directions – Top (up), North, Bottom (down), West, South, and East. The next menu will be displayed to select the direction distance.
  • Restore – Reverts all six directions back to maximum (default).
  • Report – Displays the current settings for all six directions.
  • Done – Exits the 3D control panel.

Sound Tip – Cut Off directions are based on the SL world compass!


3D Cut-Off – Distance


Select the 3D cut off distance.

  • 1 to 10 – Distance in meters
  • Next – Displays the next page of options.
  • Back – Move back one menu.



3D Cut-Off – Distance 2


Select the 3D cut off distance.

  • 11 to 20 – Distance in meters
  • Max – Reverts the selected distance back to the maximum distance.
  • Back – Returns to main menu.





Resizes the AtmoSphere so the audible maximum distance is extended.

  • Small – default
  • Medium
  • Large
  • SuperSize
  • Back – Return to the Main Menu




Owners can allow group members to change AtmoSphere settings.

  • Owner – Only the owner has access to change settings.  (default)
  • Group – Group members are allowed to change settings. Object must be associated to your group.
  • Back – Return to the Main Menu

Sound Tip – If group access is selected and no group is associated with the object, access is considered open to all.




Change the soundtrack volume level.

  • 0 – Muted
  • 1 – Minimum
  • 10 – Maximum (default)





The visual appearance of the AtmoSphere can be quickly changed to hide it from casual view.

  • Default – Change the appearance to a solid silver texture.
  • Cloaked – The AtmoSphere object becomes transparent and almost invisible to casual view.
  • Back – Return to the Main Menu

Sound Tip – Have you lost an AtmoSphere and cannot find it?  Learn how to use Sound Beacons!



This feature re-loads the AtmoSphere soundtrack files.  Use this option if the script/sounds are moved from the Atmosphere to your own object. 

See the FAQ entries for more information on using In-Prim deployments.



Launches this web page for future reference.



When a new software update is released, use this option to update your AtmoSphere.  Detailed instructions are provided when upgrades are made available.