Offworlds Set 2 (75 Sounds)

SoundScenes - Super Randomizer - Sci-Fi - Offworlds Set 2

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Sound List

This Randomizer contains the following sound clips:


arc drone 01a
arc drone 01b
arc drone 01c
arc drone 01d
arc drone 01e
arc drone 01f
arc drone 01g
arc drone 01h
arc drone 01i
arc drone 01j
arc drone 01k
arc drone 01l
arc drone 02a
arc drone 02b
arc drone 02c
arc drone 02d
arc drone 02e
arc drone 02f
arc drone 02g
snap tone 01a
snap tone 01b
snap tone 01c
snap tone 01d
snap tone 01e
snap tone 01f
snap tone 01g
snap tone 01h
snap tone 01i
snap tone 01j
snap tone 01k
snap tone 02a
snap tone 02b
snap tone 02c
snap tone 02d
snap tone 02e
snap tone 02f
snap tone 02g
snap tone 02h
snap tone 02i
snap tone 02j
spark tone 02a
spark tone 02b
spark tone 02c
spark tone 02d
spark tone 02e
spark tone 02f
spark tone 02g
spark tone 02h
spark tone 02i
spark tone 02j
spark tone 03a
spark tone 03b
spark tone 03c
spark tone 03d
spark tone 03e
spark tone 03f
spark tone 03g
spark tone 03h
spark tone 03i
spark tone 03j
spark tone 03k
spark tone 03l
spark tone 04a
spark tone 04b
spark tone 04c
spark tone 04d
spark tone 04e
spark tone 04f
spark tone 04g
spark tone 04h
spark tone 04i
spark tone 05a
spark tone 05b
spark tone 05c
spark tone 05d


Sound clips are ‘Modify/Copy’ and can be used in any Randomizers that you own.


Randomizer Features

  • Roaming Sounds – Sounds can now move all around you!
  • Menu driven controls – No annoying chat commands to remember.
  • Playback Selection – Forever, Day, or Night.
  • 3D Sound – Restrict audio to specific areas without sub-dividing your land!
  • Volume – Raise or lower the volume at any time.
  • Random Volume – Changes volume level every time sounds play.
  • Interval Range – Change the interval timing for more or less frequent playback.
  • In-Prim Setup – Save prims by moving the script and sounds into your own objects.
  • Customizable – Add, change, or remove sounds to customize your soundscape.
  • Quality audio encoding for loud and clear playback.
  • Professional coding for reliability and optimum sim performance.



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  • Randomizers are individual items (Transfer only) unless specifically noted in the product description.  The prim object is modifiable.
  • Sound clips are ‘Modify/Copy’ and can be used in any of your available Randomizers.