On-Site Vendor Delivery

We bring the SoundScenes to you!


Are you creating a large project, a full sim, or even multi-region community? Do you want to add soundscaping but are not sure which ones would be the best fit?

Would you like to browse our product catalog and hear the sound previews at your location?

SoundScenes can quickly deliver to your location!  After your project is complete, simply return the vendors.


Request On-Site Delivery

Visit the SoundScenes HQ and gather a list of the AtmoSphere and Randomizer vendor names you would like delivered to your location.


Prim Count Sensitive? (14 prims per vendor)(required)


Please invite Hastur Pierterson to your build group for teleport access, can rez objects, and can run scripts.


The contents of up to four vendors can be combined into a single hosted vendor at your location. For example, “Forests, Waves, Harbors, and Jungles” can be combined into a single vendor. Each hosted vendor requires seventeen prims (four panel display).


Vendors are typically delivered within 48 hours.