Footstep Scripts

sound script logo - topThese scripts play different styles of footstep sounds when your Avatar walks.  You can add the script to your own modifiable prim shoes, boots, feet, or customized attachment.  Sound volume can be changed by touching the prim and using the pop-up Menu.


Footstep scripts are available in several different permission levels depending on the grid destination:


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  • Single Item, Transfer – Add footsteps to your Avatar or give as a gift.  Single items are returnable.
  • Copy – Add footsteps to your entire wardrobe.
  • Copy / Transfer – Builders can add footsteps to their own products.
  • Copy / Export – HyperGrid edition to add footsteps to your entire wardrobe.
  • Copy / Transfer / Export – HyperGrid edition for Builders to add footsteps to their own products.

Footsteps listed on the Kitely Marketplace are packaged as sets of three different scripts.

For additional information on HyperGrid assistance, click here.


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  • Single Item, Transfer – Single items are returnable.
  • Copy
  • Copy / Transfer

Footsteps listed on the SL Marketplace are delivered as individual scripts.



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Sound previews are examples of an Avatar walking for several seconds and then stopping.









Don’t hear the Footstep sound you need for your Avatar or product line?

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Setup Instructions

Add the script to the contents of one of your Avatar’s shoes or another prim attached to your Avatar.  You must have ‘Modify’ permission on your prim shoes to add the Footstep Script. The script will automatically begin to run.

To change the volume, touch your shoe (or the prim that the script is in) to trigger the pop-up menu.  Select your desired volume level.  Use volume level zero to mute the audio completely.

Footsteps are best used as a subtle effect.  Volume levels 4 through 6 are ideal, but the audio results can vary depending on the sound type and your viewer settings.



Copy/Transfer Edition Licence

footstep scripts - copy transfer edition acceptable use1Builder editions are made available for merchants to add to their own product lines.

Scripts are not to be re-sold or given away by themselves or as part of a collection.

Once the script is added to your product, you must update the script permissions to either “Copy” or “Transfer” for the next owner.





hypergrid-512If you intend to use Footstep Scripts on the HyperGrid enabled OpenSim servers, be sure to keep copies of the scripts and scripted objects in your Inventory > My Suitcase folders.

During a HyperGrid teleport, some scripted attachments may not work as expected on arrival.  A quick Detach and Wear will resolve the issue.

Additional information on using our products on the HyperGrid can be found here.



Contact us if you have any questions or requests about our Footstep Scripts.