San Diego City


San Diego City, originally known as Diegoland, was one of our first full sim soundscaping projects.  

Champion Valiant reached out to us looking for authentic sounds for the project and he wanted the soundscapes to match each location, while changing depending on where visitors explored.  Since Hastur Pierterson’s RL avatar resided in Orange County, California… a quick trip down to RL San Diego was made to create field recordings at several locations.

The deployed soundscapes included a mix of natural and urban audio recordings.  Both looping and random sound emitters were used in each section of the sim.  The emitters were also set to change the playback soundtrack during the day or night.  During the day there would be ducks at the pond, seagulls at the beach, and kids playing in the surf.  When the sun went down the audio tracks would then shift to night mode: crickets and frogs near the pond, distant fog horns at the beach, and quiet surf without people.