Randomizer sound emitters provide greater ability to create unique soundscapes.  A random sound is played, at random intervals, and can even move to random locations!

slide05There are THREE different Randomizer types.  Products in the catalog pages are named according to their randomizer type.

  • Super – The most feature rich and customizable random emitter system! Roaming Sounds, advanced Day/Night playback, 3D Sound Cut-Offs, and more!  View full features presentation.
  • Day/Night – One set of sounds play during the day and a second set plays only at night.
  • Basic – A standard random sound system that plays all sounds during both the day and night.


Randomizers are available as “Build Your Own” and Pre-Packaged.

  • Pre-Loaded – Sounds are already loaded in the Randomizer. The number of included sounds and Randomizer type are listed in each product description.
  • Build Your Own – Available as single scripted sound emitters, a discounted five pack (buy four, get one free), and a copyable edition.  The Randomizers and sounds are purchased separately.


New sounds can be added or removed as need to tailor your soundscape to your specific theme.  Sound files are available as individual clips or discounted bulk packages.  The sound file permissions are set to MOD/COPY.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum number of sounds that can be added to a Randomizer?

A: Each Randomizer can contain up to approximately 100 sound clips, which is determined by the amount of sound file names the script memory can hold.  If you wish to push the maximum sound limit, manually edit the sound clip names to reduce their length, then reset all scripts to reload the sounds.


Q: Can I add my own sounds to my Randomizer?

A: Yes!  Any sounds will work in the Randomizer, however the clips must have the proper permissions if they are to work as you expect. Modify permission is needed to rename the clips for specific Day or Night playback. Copy permission is required if you wish to use the Super-Randomizer “roaming sounds” feature.


Q: I have a Day/Night Randomizer that I want to only play the sounds during the day. How do I stop it from playing the sounds at night or from returning the “can’t find sounds” message?

A: You can use a free “10 seconds of silence” sound clip and add “Night-” to the beginning of the clip name. The Randomizer will continue to run correctly during the sim night cycle, but no sounds will be audible. The same method can be used to keep the Randomizer silent during the day if needed. The free “silence” clip is available at the Client Services desk.


Q: Can I add AtmoSphere sound clips to the Randomizer?

A: The sound clips used in the AtmoSpheres are encoded for looping playback. They are not faded for a smooth ending and are also no modify permission. If you need a specific sound that is not currently available, please send us a message!

Q: I changed the Environment to Midnight, but the Day sounds are still playing. What gives?

A: The Randomizer (Super & Day/Night) takes its queues from the sun position in your region. Forcing the sun to a different position from your viewer will not alter the playback.


Q: I added a few of my own sounds or sounds made by other people to my Super Randomizer, but the Roaming feature does not move the sounds to random locations.  Why?

A: In order for the Roaming feature to work properly, the sound clips must be ‘Modify/Copy’ permission.  Edit the permissions of the sound clips, touch the Randomizer, and select LoadSounds to refresh the playlist.  Enable the Roaming feature.