SpeakerNET is a sound system that plays themed tracks from multiple speaker sources simultaneously. The speakers are networked together for near immediate and seamless playback. Using multiple speakers creates an incredible “surround sound” experience.  Additional speakers can be added to the network anywhere within the same sim. The sound sequences average between one to three minutes in length.


Owners and event hosts can use the system to trigger specific sound sequences:

  • Cathedral and church bells for ceremonies and celebrations
  • Wedding processional and recessional music and bells
  • Meditation chants and instruments
  • Cheering people and crowd reactions for concerts and sporting events
  • Custom made synthesized voices and music overlays for announcements



SpeakerNET uses two components: a control panel and speakers.

The control panel manages all functions and settings through a menu system. The owner has the ability to manually trigger the sound sequences and adjust settings. Access to the control panel can also be set to a group.

The speakers are networked together to the control panel. Owners are able to add more speakers to their network depending on their sound coverage needs. Each speaker in the network has independent settings for volume, 3D sound cut-offs, and appearance. Access to the speakers can also be set to a group.


Several SpeakerNET editions include a clock system which rings out a carillon melody and hourly bells. The clock system can be configured to any time zone. Other editions contain special AtmoSpheres, volume can be adjusted simultaneously through the control panel.



Quick Setup

  1. Rez the control panel and speakers on your land.
  2. Move the control panel to a convenient location near where events will be held.
  3. Move each of the speakers to different corners of the area you wish to have the sound sequences play in.



To begin, touch the control panel to trigger the menu.


Playlist – Displays the available sound sequences in your SpeakerNET. A description and audio track length of the sound sequences are detailed in a separate note card. Selecting a sound sequence will trigger the following playback options:

  • Sync/Play – Synchronizes all the speakers for the nearby avatars and then plays the sound sequence. Sync time is 18 seconds.
  • Sync – Synchronizes all the speakers for the nearby avatars but does not play the sound sequence.
  • Play – Immediately plays the selected sound sequence without synchronizing first.



  • Access – Allow access to either owner (default) or a group
  • StopSound – All speakers in the network stop playing the current sound sequence
  • TestChimes – Test chime plays on all speakers
  • Upgrade – Upgrades the control panel when updated code is available from Acoustic Alchemy.


ClockContrl – Available only on SpeakerNET editions with the clock system.

The clock system plays carillon chimes at the top of every hour, then hourly bells or a single bell at the bottom of the hour. Single bells ring at 1/4 and 3/4 hour intervals. The clock is set to SLT/PST by default.

  • DisplayTime – Displays the current time.
  • TimerOn – Turns clock timer system on.
  • TimerOff – Turns clock timer system off.
  • ReadTZ – Rescan the time zone notecard for updated setting.


OrbVolume – Changes volume level to all networked AtmoSpheres. Option available only on specific SpeakerNET editions.




To begin, touch the speaker to trigger the control menu.


Volume – Set a new volume level for this speaker. Each speaker in the network has an independent volume.

3D Cut-Off – Restrict sound sequences from going beyond a set distance in one or more directions.

Appearance – Appearance can be changed from visible (solid) to cloaked (hidden) for easier placement.

Access – Allows access to either owner (default) or a group.

Upgrade – Upgrades the speaker when updated code is available from Acoustic Alchemy.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I move the scripts into my own objects?

A: The system must remain in its original delivered format. Moving the scripts or unlinking prims is unsupported, voids our return policy, and will prevent future upgrade capability.


Q: How many prims does SpeakerNET use?

A: One prim for the control panel. Two prims for each speaker.


Q: Can I use the control panel as a HUD device?

A: Yes. You will need to position it correctly in-world, attach it to your HUD, and then resize it to fit appropriately on your screen. You can then use the control panel to trigger the sound sequences. You must be in the same sim as the speakers.


Q: Can I set the control panel to be open for anyone to use?

A: Yes. If the control panel object is not set to a specific group and the access choice set to group, anyone can bring up the control menu.


Q: Can I get custom made voice announcements?

A: Yes. Custom made voice tracks may be commissioned on request. Please see the Services page for additional details.


Q: What is the maximum distance between the controller and any speaker?

A: The speakers will function as long as they are within the same sim as the controller.


Q: What happens if I setup two different SpeakerNET editions within the same sim? Will the different speakers collide or become disrupted?

A: Every SpeakerNET edition is unique and will only communicate to the speakers designated to that specific edition.


Q: Can two or more avatars have a SpeakerNET system in the same sim?

A: Yes. Multiple SpeakerNETs owned by different avatars within the same sim will not interfere with each other.