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Full Permission Sound Effects

These items are unscripted stand-alone sound effects and are available as singles or in bulk packages. The permissions are Modify/Copy/Transfer and can be used freely in resident creations and products. They are not to be resold separately on their own or as part of a collection.


Footstep Sound Scripts

These scripts play different types of audible footsteps when your avatar walks. Some are specific to men, women, or are not gender specific. To use the script, simply put the script in one of your avatar’s shoes.

You must have Modify permission to edit your prim shoes or you may add the script to any attached object to function.

The footstep effects should then be audible when your avatar walks. If you do not hear any sound when your avatar walks, Edit the shoe (or attached object) again, and from the top toolbar:


Touch the attachment to change the volume to your desired level in the pop-up menu.

Select Volume 0 (zero) to mute the audio. Volume 10 is the loudest, but please use this setting with discretion. The footstep sounds are best used as a subtle effect in your presense, not to be distracting. Volume settings 4 through 6 produced the best results during testing, but it varies depending on the sound type.



  • Scripts are available as TRANS ONLY (single item) or COPY/TRANSFER (for sellers).
  • Builders/Sellers – Please be sure that the footstep sounds are what you want as we can only offer exchanges or refunds on NON-COPYABLE products.



Acoustic Doormats

This is a scripted single prim doormat which activates when an avatar walks across it. Depending on the model, it will play a sound clip and change images.

Model Descriptions

  • Standard Solo – 1 image / single sound
  • Standard Multi – 1 image / multiple sounds
  • Premium Muted – Multiple images / no sounds
  • Premium Solo – Multiple images / single sound
  • Premium Multi – Multiple images / multiple sounds

“Multiple” = Changes randomly each time an avatar walks on the doormat.



  1. Purchase the following items that you want
    1. The model of doormat you want
    2. The sound(s) to be played when someone walks on the doormat
    3. The image(s) to be displayed on the doormat
  2. Customize your Multi-Mat
    1. Rez the Multi-Mat. Edit the object and switch to the “Contents” tab
    2. Drag and drop the sound clip(s) and image texture(s) into the object contents
    3. Exit the Edit screen
  3. Reset the Multi-Mat
    1. Take the updated Multi-Mat back into your inventory and then re-rez it in your entry way.
    2. You can also resize the Multi-Mat to fit your entrance if necessary.